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Cruise Line Entertainment

AIDA Cruises is renowned for its versatile, high-quality and innovative show entertainment on board.

We are proud to have taken over the musical direction for AIDA Cruises from 2014 to 2021. We have been personally associated with the company for 14 years.


In the years since 2015, we have accompanied numerous projects and implemented them together:

Production of music
for 24 shows
in 14 theaters

vocal arrangements

2976 A4 pages
of vocal arrangements
for ensembles and soloists

Musical direction and premiere arrangement of all new ship openings

Musical audition panel at over 50 international castings for singers and musicians

Establishment and management of an international team of musical supervisors: Musical disposition of 192 rehearsal phases, musical direction of 192 cast changes

Co-production of 170 seasons of the show format “AIDA Stars” so far

show conception

Show conception for the shows “Weltenwandler” and “Cotton Club” together with Jens Göbel and AIDA Entertainment

Consulting on music in numerous show formats

Premiere der Show „Rock The Concert“ auf AIDAdiva

Premiere of the show “Rock The Concert” onboard AIDAdiva

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