Music production at the highest level

Microtone stands for individual music productions at the highest level. For us every project is unique. We make music an experience, technology becomes emotion. We stand for the high quality of our resources and processes as well as for the extensive competence of our team.

We work stylistically across the board in the areas of film music/orchestral/classical as well as pop/rock/cover/crossover.

We make music with people for people. Technology alone does not create emotions.

Access the Microtone universe immediately:

Benefit directly from the diversity and size of our network with a variety of different studios, talented musicians, singers, music supervisors, composers and arrangers in Hamburg and Budapest:

  • Record your music with the Microtone Studio Orchestra.
  • Get the Microtone Sound for your production.
  • Commission a composition.
  • Have your music professionally arranged and orchestrated.

We offer composers and musicians the opportunity to benefit directly from our professional know-how:

  • Get detailed personal feedback on your pieces.
  • Ask us your questions about composition, arrangement and orchestration.
  • Develop your skills as composer and arranger.
  • Get your piece ready for a recording.
  • Take part in our interactive sessions!